Reflecting upon the time that we have been working together, we are so very thankful for all that your team has done. It seems that the majority of time that we reach out it is to solve this issue or work on another. Each of you made stressful decisions and situations much easier to bear with your thoughtfulness, attention to detail and genuine concern placed on our behalf.  You probably haven't heard it enough that you all have been Angels in our lives.

The Flemings
Atlanta, GA


As a mom of four, I originally chose Linda as our architect based on her beautiful, original, and unique designs and her understanding of what a family home really needs.  She proved to provide both and remained a committed architect and valued customer advocate throughout the construction process. She was an active part of the team, always there to keep the design and build process seamless. I have had so many friends and family come through our new home and say this is the most well thought-out homes they have visited. Linda's appreciation for spaces that make a home functional transitions from rooms, sight lines and light and has made for a fabulous house for my family!

Amy Harralson
Atlanta, Georgia


My husband and I had a fabulous experience working with Linda. We enjoyed working with her for a number of reasons. I particularly liked that she is a mom, and, as such, she not only drew out the spaces I wanted to include, but asked me how I was going to use them as a mother. She was very patient and attentive to the French style my husband and I envisioned; the project was really about us and ultimately reflected our tastes and experiences as a family. While we had a couple of unplanned challenges during the course of the project, Linda met these obstacles in haste, sketching out on-site alternatives. She was a real team player and worked well with my interior designer, builder, and landscape architect. We would highly recommend Linda to anyone.

Deborah Silcox
Atlanta, Georgia


Working with Linda has truly been a pleasure. She has great ideas that are creative and fun, yet at the same time extremely practical for our family's  busy life. She incorporated our ideas and needs but wasn't reluctant to steer us in another direction when needed. She is an absolute professional and a joy to work with.

Janet Peters
Atlanta, Georgia


Linda's ability to balance architectural passion with practical living needs is a real gift. This combined with her approachable personality make the often intimidating design phase a real joy. In addition, I think being a working mom herself provides Linda with a deep appreciation for using her clients' time effectively. This is evident by how quickly she turns around changes and incorporates new ideas. And most importantly, with respect to designing a home for a family, well, she just gets it! One of my favorite things about her is how she brings her sketch pad everywhere, and when a new idea surfaces, she quickly and effectively draws the idea so you can visualize how something will look right there on the spot. I can't tell you how incredibly helpful this is in quickly bringing your plans to life. I'm thrilled to be able to recommend Linda unconditionally!

Amy Bergman
Atlanta, Georgia